Firm Overview

Stonelake Capital Partners is a real estate private equity firm with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Stonelake acquires and develops industrial, multifamily and office properties and owns over $3.5 billion of commercial real estate in Sunbelt Markets including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa & El Paso. Stonelake owns, is developing or has developed 20.0 million square feet of industrial warehouses, 6,100 multifamily units, and 3.0 million square feet of office buildings. Stonelake manages institutional capital through discretionary private equity investment partnerships and counts among its investors some of the country’s largest college endowments, charitable foundations and hospital systems. Stonelake has raised $1.6 billion of equity across 6 private equity funds over the last 14 years. Stonelake was founded in Austin, Texas in 2007 by Kenneth Aboussie and John Kiltz.



Years of Experience




Total Capitalization


Stonelake Advantages

Stonelake invests at all levels of the capital structure in a broad range of property types and geographic markets. The firm regularly interacts with a wide variety of commercial real estate market participants, including property sellers, loan sellers, borrowers, operating partners and lenders. Stonelake strives to maintain a market-leading reputation for the highest level of integrity and consistent investment execution. Stonelake endeavors to act in a manner whereby other market participants will seek to enter into repeat transactions with Stonelake in the future.

Experience and Sophistication

Stonelake’s principals have extensive experience investing institutional capital and closing highly complex real estate transactions.

Hands-on Management Team

Stonelake is led by a seasoned, hands­-on management team that is actively involved in all aspects of the investment process. Stonelake prides itself on an efficient investment approval process thereby ensuring effective decision-­making and timely transaction execution.

Flexible Structures

Stonelake will consider most property types & structures and is flexible in tailoring solutions to meet the specific characteristics of a given transaction. Stonlelake is able to invest at all levels of the capital structure in both short and long term transactions.

Speed of Execution

Stonelake maintains a well­-deserved reputation for executing various types of debt and equity investments with exceptionally short closing periods.

Discretionary Capital

Stonelake has full investment discretion of its capital and is able to make investment decisions both promptly and decisively.

Reputation in the Marketplace

Stonelake has gained an excellent reputation through years of experience in the major Texas & select sunbelt markets. Prospective sellers, operating partners and borrowers can find transaction references at all of the major brokerage firms, banks and law firms.